Tuesday July 28th, 2015
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Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's July 28th, 2015 Spoke & Food event.


To date, a total of $4,692 has been raised for this year's event beneficiary, the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways non-profit.

This amount is the total received from 11 of the 12 host locations, excluding Lucia at Green Lake who has yet to submit a donation. This total is lower than what was raised in 2013 and 2014 but that is because this year there was a smaller volume of host locations. The average donation per host location this year is the highest it has ever been which gives reason to believe that more of you participated this year. Thanks everyone who did!


Next year's Spoke & Food event will take place on Tuesday, July 26, 2016. If you know of a local, well-aligned non-profit who you think would make a good beneficiary of the event, please email us to let us know. Same goes if you represent a restaurant and you would like to be a host location or you represent a business and you would like to sponsor the event.

And be sure to like the Spoke & Food facebook page to the left to stay up to date on everything we're doing during the off-season. Thanks again for the support and see you soon!

2014 $6,200 was raised for the Outdoors for All Foundation.
2013 $6,080 was raised for the Bike Works non-profit.
2012 $4,450 was raised for the FamilyWorks Resource Center & Food Bank.
2011 $3,200 was raised for the Children's Garden Program at Seattle Tilth.
2010 benefited the Lettuce Link program at Solid Ground.



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