Seattle Bicycling – More good news on this year’s Spoke & Food event

Hi all,

We are still in the process of collecting all of the cash donations provided by the wonderful Seattle based restaurants who participated in this year’s July 26th Spoke & Food event. To be fair, we won’t mention how many host restaurants still have yet to submit their donations but what we will mention is that the money raised this year is the MOST MONEY EVER RAISED via the Spoke & Food event since when we launched it back in 2010.

Producing an event like this pro-bono where 100% of the funds goes to the non-profit takes a lot of work and time but achieving this record makes it worth it! We are continually impressed with the generosity of the Seattle restaurants who participate in our event and of those of you in the community who continue to support our goals by participating in the event!

Thanks again!

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Update on funds raised at this year’s 2016 Spoke & Food event

It’s a quick post, but one worthy to mention….

Although we have yet to receive all of the donation checks from the host restaurants for this year’s 2016 Spoke & Food event, what we can tell you is that the sum received to date has surpassed what was raised for last year’s 2015 event. A big ‘thank you’ goes to all of you who biked and dined at one of our host restaurants this year and to all of the host restaurants themselves who each agreed to donate 20% of their total sales from our event evening to our charity partner, the Hunger Intervention Program.

Here’s what we’re looking at in terms of the money raised:

2016: ???

2015: $4,692 raised for Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

2014: $6,200 raised for the Outdoors For All Foundation

2013: $6,080 raised for Bike Works

2012: $4,450 raised for FamilyWorks Resource Center & Foodbank

2011: $3,200 raised for the Children’s Garden program at Seattle Tilth

2010: All funds were given to the Lettuce Link program at Solid Gound

The big question for this year is if we will surpass our record set in 2014 where $6,200 was raised. Stay tuned as we continue to pester the last remaining host restaurants to submit their donation check….

Thank you Seattle Neighborhood Greenways – 20mph non-arterial limit

This post is a bit late to be breaking news, but since we (the husband + wife team that produce ‘Spoke & Food’) just welcomed our second child into this world 10 days ago, we hope you let it slide….

For last year’s 2015 Spoke & Food event, we were honored to be able to give 100% of the funds raised through our event to the ‘Seattle Neighborhood Greenways’ non-profit to aid them in the much needed work they do on making the streets in Seattle safe. Cathy (their Executive Director) and her staff are workhorses spending an amazing amount of time working towards this goal, engaging and collaborating 24-7 to achieve their goals.

Recently, their efforts paid off with the Seattle City Council voting unanimously to lower speed limits on non-arterial streets from 25 MPH to 20 MPH, and on downtown arterial streets from 30 MPH to 25 MPH. It’s been proven that the lower vehicle speeds significantly lowers the chance of fatal vehicle to pedestrian/cyclists collisions, so this legislation is a huge improvement for the safety of our streets.

As the producers of the annual Spoke & Food biking & dining event, one of our goals is to get more people out on their bikes to ride to dinner (and the other activities they do) and with the lower vehicle speeds, more people will feel safer in biking on our city streets. It’s a roll in the right direction and something we are glad to see the City of Seattle take seriously.

Be sure to check out the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways website for all the details.

Biking & Dining in Seattle – Status Update on this year’s 2016 Spoke & Food

This year’s July 26th Spoke & Food in Seattle set records on a couple fronts. One record was the amount of sponsorship money raised for the event (that all gets applied to underwrite the marketing of the event) and the other (tied) record was the number of host restaurants we partnered with. We had 19 which was a good deal more than what we had for the 2015 event. Both records prove positive for the support the Seattle business community is having towards bicycling and the community-minded goals of our event. These achievements give us good hope towards building a foundation for the event that will allow us to continue to produce the event year over year in Seattle.

Another big hope on the record front is that this year’s event will also set a record for the largest amount of money raised for our 2016 event beneficiary (the Hunger Intervention Program). We produce the event pro-bono each year so 100% of the donations submitted by the host restaurants go directly to the non-profit. As of right now, 13 of the 19 host restaurants have submitted their donation checks and we’re happy to share with you that the total dollar amount is already over the total dollar amount raised last year ($4,692). This leaves donations still to come from the six remaining host restaurants. The largest amount of money raised was in 2014 when $6,200 was raised for the Outdoors For All Foundation.

Our hope is that the donations from the last six restaurants will arrive soon and when they do the total puts us over the $6,200 mark so that we can announce yet another record for the event. We will definitely give the update once confirmed. Until then, keep bicycling, keep eating and keep interacting with your community.

A new beginning for Spoke & Food

Welcome to the ‘Spoke & Food’ blog!

Started as the host website for the ‘Spoke & Food’ biking and dining event that takes place in Seattle each July, in our efforts to extend the reach of our bicycle-friendly and food-friendly interests and goals, we are launching this blog so to provide a centralized location for us to share our writings about biking to dinner and other food focused locations.

We’re not sure what this content will be and when it will be posted, but hopefully it will provide our readers with the support and motivation to use your bicycles to go to dinner, food festivals, farmers markets, dinner parties, events or any other food related activity or place.

Being located in Seattle, the content of our blog will likely be geographically connected to this city and region. It will also be influenced by the July held ‘Spoke & Food’ event we produce each year in Seattle, with the content of the blog focusing more on that event in the 3+ months leading up to the event.

Our intent on creating this blog is to (1) advance our goal on getting more people to ride their bicycles to locales such as dinner restaurants, (2) to write about our food focused bicycling activities and thoughts, (3) to further promote the Spoke & Food event and (4) to share what we know about biking to food in Seattle. For all, our hope is to entertain our readers and to help build the bicycling community.

We have never hosted or written for a blog before, so please have patience and please respect our good intentions. We hope you enjoy our efforts and we hope that you return to read more as more posts get made.

Keep bicycling, keep smiling and keep eating!