A new beginning for Spoke & Food

Welcome to the ‘Spoke & Food’ blog!

Started as the host website for the ‘Spoke & Food’ biking and dining event that takes place in Seattle each July, in our efforts to extend the reach of our bicycle-friendly and food-friendly interests and goals, we are launching this blog so to provide a centralized location for us to share our writings about biking to dinner and other food focused locations.

We’re not sure what this content will be and when it will be posted, but hopefully it will provide our readers with the support and motivation to use your bicycles to go to dinner, food festivals, farmers markets, dinner parties, events or any other food related activity or place.

Being located in Seattle, the content of our blog will likely be geographically connected to this city and region. It will also be influenced by the July held ‘Spoke & Food’ event we produce each year in Seattle, with the content of the blog focusing more on that event in the 3+ months leading up to the event.

Our intent on creating this blog is to (1) advance our goal on getting more people to ride their bicycles to locales such as dinner restaurants, (2) to write about our food focused bicycling activities and thoughts, (3) to further promote the Spoke & Food event and (4) to share what we know about biking to food in Seattle. For all, our hope is to entertain our readers and to help build the bicycling community.

We have never hosted or written for a blog before, so please have patience and please respect our good intentions. We hope you enjoy our efforts and we hope that you return to read more as more posts get made.

Keep bicycling, keep smiling and keep eating!

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