Biking & Dining in Seattle – Status Update on this year’s 2016 Spoke & Food

This year’s July 26th Spoke & Food in Seattle set records on a couple fronts. One record was the amount of sponsorship money raised for the event (that all gets applied to underwrite the marketing of the event) and the other (tied) record was the number of host restaurants we partnered with. We had 19 which was a good deal more than what we had for the 2015 event. Both records prove positive for the support the Seattle business community is having towards bicycling and the community-minded goals of our event. These achievements give us good hope towards building a foundation for the event that will allow us to continue to produce the event year over year in Seattle.

Another big hope on the record front is that this year’s event will also set a record for the largest amount of money raised for our 2016 event beneficiary (the Hunger Intervention Program). We produce the event pro-bono each year so 100% of the donations submitted by the host restaurants go directly to the non-profit. As of right now, 13 of the 19 host restaurants have submitted their donation checks and we’re happy to share with you that the total dollar amount is already over the total dollar amount raised last year ($4,692). This leaves donations still to come from the six remaining host restaurants. The largest amount of money raised was in 2014 when $6,200 was raised for the Outdoors For All Foundation.

Our hope is that the donations from the last six restaurants will arrive soon and when they do the total puts us over the $6,200 mark so that we can announce yet another record for the event. We will definitely give the update once confirmed. Until then, keep bicycling, keep eating and keep interacting with your community.

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