Thank you Seattle Neighborhood Greenways – 20mph non-arterial limit

This post is a bit late to be breaking news, but since we (the husband + wife team that produce ‘Spoke & Food’) just welcomed our second child into this world 10 days ago, we hope you let it slide….

For last year’s 2015 Spoke & Food event, we were honored to be able to give 100% of the funds raised through our event to the ‘Seattle Neighborhood Greenways’ non-profit to aid them in the much needed work they do on making the streets in Seattle safe. Cathy (their Executive Director) and her staff are workhorses spending an amazing amount of time working towards this goal, engaging and collaborating 24-7 to achieve their goals.

Recently, their efforts paid off with the¬†Seattle City Council voting unanimously to lower speed limits on non-arterial streets from 25 MPH to 20 MPH, and on downtown¬†arterial streets from 30 MPH to 25 MPH. It’s been proven that the lower vehicle speeds significantly lowers the chance of fatal vehicle to pedestrian/cyclists collisions, so this legislation is a huge improvement for the safety of our streets.

As the producers of the annual Spoke & Food biking & dining event, one of our goals is to get more people out on their bikes to ride to dinner (and the other activities they do) and with the lower vehicle speeds, more people will feel safer in biking on our city streets. It’s a roll in the right direction and something we are glad to see the City of Seattle take seriously.

Be sure to check out the Seattle Neighborhood Greenways website for all the details.

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