Seattle Bicycling – More good news on this year’s Spoke & Food event

Hi all,

We are still in the process of collecting all of the cash donations provided by the wonderful Seattle based restaurants who participated in this year’s July 26th Spoke & Food event. To be fair, we won’t mention how many host restaurants still have yet to submit their donations but what we will mention is that the money raised this year is the MOST MONEY EVER RAISED via the Spoke & Food event since when we launched it back in 2010.

Producing an event like this pro-bono where 100% of the funds goes to the non-profit takes a lot of work and time but achieving this record makes it worth it! We are continually impressed with the generosity of the Seattle restaurants who participate in our event and of those of you in the community who continue to support our goals by participating in the event!

Thanks again!

H + G

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