Event Goals


When we decided to move forward on the idea for this event, we documented a number of goals that we hoped we would achieve by producing the event.

Our main goal is to help change the culture of Seattle. Our hope is that by producing this event, we will influence people to use their bicycle more as a mode of transportation in their local communities rather than their car.

Our other goals for the event include:

  1. To provide an event that helps people experience their neighborhoods in a new way and to strengthen community in those neighborhoods.
  2. To provide an event that requires a person to exercise and through that hopefully influences a healthier lifestyle.
  3. To improve our cities support of the environment by showing how easy it is to not use our cars for simple activities such as going to dinner.
  4. To raise funds for well-deserving local non-profits (100% of the funds raised get sent directly to the non-profit).
  5. To show how fun it is to bike to dinner!